The DOJ report on the Baltimore police



“Investigation of the Baltimore Police Department” (2016) is a 14-month study of the BPD done by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in the wake of the Freddie Gray killing.

The DOJ concluded:

“We found that BPD has engaged in a pattern or practice of serious violations of the U.S. Constitution and federal law that has disproportionately harmed Baltimore’s African-American community and eroded the public’s trust in the police.”

In other words: what Black Baltimore has known all along.

Racial profiling: Blacks make up 63% of Baltimore, yet account for:

  • 84% of all stops;
  • 91% of charges for “failure to obey” and trespassing;
  • 95% of those stopped at least 10 times;
  • 100% of those stopped at least 13 times.

Blacks are arrested for drugs five timesmore often than Whites, even though both use drugs at about the same rate.

Blacks are searched at a higher rate than Whites –…

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