No more apologies…

Marjorie Tabb

So I just heard ‪#‎RushLimbaugh‬ say on the radio that the pre-game was very American, patriotic and great. That everything was going fine until the half-time show exhibiting cultural, political and social ROT. Said it seemed like another country and not exhibiting American values. Ok Bish. Ok. So you want to do this let’s go.

One of the main reasons ‪#‎Beyonce‬’s new song ‪#‎Formation‬ is receiving so much applause is because black people and all those that grew up in our culture are tired of apologizing for being black. We have our own culture, and it’s refreshing to be able to celebrate that. We can be unapologetically black.

We are tired of having to have prepared statements when we go to school, work, and the marketplace about how we wear our hair (especially when people want to touch it), our communication style and what we like to do in our free time. We are tired of having to stifle our comments about what plagues us in this country. We are tired of the eye rolls when we mention Black History Month and the absence of it’s celebration by the rest of America even though, come March 17 we will get all kinds of questions about why we didn’t wear green OR being included for wearing green because that shows we are true Americans because you say St. Patrick’s Day is for everyone.

Yes I love cornbread and collard greens. Hot sauce is a must in my house. And I can do all types of things with my hair. Because Beyonce dared to use her platform on the grand ole stage of America which is the Superbowl, there’s a problem.

Furthermore, I have a hard time understanding that halftime was rot gut but every NFL Draft you recruit our black men that came from the very culture you condemn. I guess once they get recruited they are redeemed. Bish what you do not understand is that there would be no NFL without our black culture. We produce these athletes that you want to play for your city.

So eff you Rush and the boat that carried your ancestors to Ellis Island. I am pretty sure we were here before you. But I know you believe this is your America. Bye Bish!
Now excuse me while I get back into #Formation.
‪#‎commentaryyouwillgetnowhereelse‬ ‪#‎QueenJustice‬


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