White poverty….

The hidden cost of white supremacy…stories and people who conflict with the narrative that only Black and Brown people are poor welfare recipients ……


Four in 10 poor Americans are white, and many live in rural areas, yet most of the dollars to help the poor go to aid minorities in cities.

As philanthropy races to fight inequality, the country’s foundations and wealthy donors continue to overlook a major part of impoverished America: poverty among whites.

President Obama’s project, My Brother’s Keeper, and recent pledges of $300 million from dozens of foundations and corporations focus mostly on supporting programs intended primarily to serve black and other minority youth, pushing the epidemic of poverty among whites further into the background. Few people want to talk about the problem. The news media focus relatively little attention on the plight of poor whites in the “hollers” of West Virginia and Kentucky, in mobile homes and trailer parks throughout the country, and in declining small towns in rural areas. A couple of years ago, Diane Sawyer anchored on ABC News a striking exposé on health problems in Appalachia, but unfortunately, there was no follow-up. It was the exception that proved the rule.

Yet the statistics about poverty among whites are startling.

“According to recent census data, 42 percent of the poor — some 18.9 million people — are non-Hispanic whites. They make up almost 10 percent of the country’s white population. Sixty-three percent of rural Americans who live below the poverty line, or more than 6 million people, are white. A little over one-third of the 13 million children who are members of impoverished families are white. Over half of the South’s population in poverty is white. And there are indications that poverty among whites is gradually increasing.”

The rest of the article here:po whites



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