The myth of the absent black father…the persistence of the racial stereotypes.

If you believe everything you read on the Internet (which, actually, I would highly recommend not doing), Black men are seriously missing-in-action when it comes to raising children. One article, entitled “Who’s Your Daddy: The Epidemic Of Absent Black Fathers,” describes “the epidemic of absent Black fathers in today’s society” as “vastly increasing and getting worse and worse.” In another article, “What’s The Problem With Black Fathers?,” the author states definitively, “It is true that many Black fathers are absent from their children’s lives.”

But a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that African-American fathers are just as involved in their children’s lives as White and Latino men.

The findings clearly refute the notion that Black fathers are disinterested in raising or caring for their children, and contradicts the of the absent Black father.


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