Vandwelling tips

BATHING – Do upper & lower body separate, keeping each body half dressed & warm as you go. Fill small spritz bottle w/hot soapy water mixed (your choice) and wash couple body parts with cloth. Then take another small spritz bottle with hot water and rinse & dry with cloth. Use a third small spritz bottle of vinegar & water, for feet & other odor areas. For hair, use waterless shampoo option. Use a SOLAR GARDEN LIGHT for interior lighting at night if no electricity.
EMERGENCY WEATHER ALERT RADIO AND CELL PHONE CHARGER – Hand crank, no electricity or batteries required. Midland Brand, NOAA model, research for the type you want.
SLEEPING BAG WARM ALL NIGHT: Fill 6-pack size cooler with HOT bottles of water, Get in bag with 2 hot bottles. Shut Heater off. Reach out of bag and replace bottles if needed during night. Reach out of bag & click heater on in AM to pre-heat vehicle. Another option use “zippo pocket heater” in bag with you, lasts 12 hrs. Use SOLAR GARDEN LIGHT for interior lighting at night if no electricity. Put bottles in thin socks for longer lasting.
SOLAR COOKER – Van, car, off grid, boondocking, camping, hiking , rock climbers, slow crock cooker, boils, sanitizes-boils water, cheap $5 build , fast, easy build. no gas, no electric, for sunny days. simple cooking examples, , Best video On YouTube must see, 30 minutes, no Ads “How to Make a Solar Cooker”,
WINDOWS – For stealth windows don’t blackout windows but white them out, for cooler glass and inside temps. White glass makes interior look lighter, brighter, roomier, cheerier. Black glass draws too much attention and gets too hot. Black reminds people and cops of MAFIA tint. Also, get four “exterior window visors” to hide cracked windows for venting and keep out rain. They also block inside light from showing through the cracked windows. Use Rain-X for outside. Also use on inside windows to prevent condensation and makes routine cleaning of glass easier.
TOILET – A 5 gal. bucket and throwaway plastic bags as liners with NEW not used bags because they can have undetectable holes. Or get a folding handicap aluminum potty chair with removable pot. For no wash maintenance, line potty tray with new bags and throw-a-way plastic bags.
RODENTS – rodents eat engine & inside wiring-(live trap best), solve-deacon poison, moth balls.
INSECTS – sticky insect cardboard trays, roach motels, boric acid, insect aerosol bombs,
TOOL KIT – 12V tire air compressor – Tire “plugging kit”, spritz tire with soapy water to find leak – “jumper cables extra long” – “30 ft tow rope” – “Come-a-Long”, ,
FIRST AID KIT – Aspirin 325 mg. for heart attack symptoms on way to hospital, one can of Prid, Allergy Eye med, Chigger/Tick med, Poison Ivy med, mosquito bite med, , Magnifying Glass, Splinter Tweezers, Poison ivy/oak med, Lip Balm, Allergy Eye Drops, Oral Thermometer, EpiPen, Triple Anti Biotic Ointment, Antifungal foot powder, Loperamide tablets (for diarrhea symptoms) Lubricating eye drops, Throat lozenges, Antacid tablets, Whistle, Head Lamp,Band-Aids small/large, Tape, Gauze,


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