“Pre-Sup” apologetic is a vacuous, vichyssoise of verbiage….

“Pre-Sup” apologetic is a vacuous, vichyssoise of verbiage…it’s a valueless,variation of a virus aimed at frustrating the friends of freethinking. The non believer is battered with a barrage nonstop,nonsensical,never ending questions,queries and phony philosophical fakery until they exit the encounter, exhausted and exasperated.

Questions like “How do you know that?” “Is that ABSOLUTELY true…”, “How do you know you’re not a brain in a vat” and other random, ramblin, ridiculousness are designed to deflect and direct the conversation also to control and confuse the opponent of this odious, objectionable and unoriginal scripted stupidity.

Matt Dillahunty eviscerated and exposed Sye Ten as a clumsy,clueless,clown….give it up. You can’t possibly expect that any critical thinking person would be convinced by this mediocre meandering moronic exhibition of mental masturbation.

The bible is a book written by unknown writers, undated and unverified by archaeology. It includes inaccuracies,contains contradictions, it’s anti-scientific with animal/human interaction and anachronisms . It is an unbelievable story of an undead levitating son of an invisible sky entity who was worshiped by puny primitive desert dwelling dimwits…

Sye Ten’s tired tactic has tanked….May it forever Rest In Peace…


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