Small Tokyo Apartments: Now That’s Minimalism!

The Corinne Experience


In Tokyo, Japan, there are too many people and not enough space! So what do architects do? They maximize on that space, creating trendy and affordable micro apartments. Only problem is, these ”apartments” are no bigger than a closet. And residents are forced to minimize their possessions and maximize their space as much as possible. When living in apartments as small as these, its a good idea to get collapsible storage containers, and furniture with many uses, like a bed with a desk built in on the side, and maybe some hooks for hanging clothes. 





Look at how happy they seem in that tiny space! Us Westerners could learn something from the people of Tokyo. ImageThis guy has a very organized micro apartment. Looks like he turned it into an office space. He even has a little foldable chair, but where does he sleep? Notice how all the…

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