comments from a youtube about rv living(and living in general imo)

The emotional stigma and strain of thinking you’re worthless or useless because lost your job, house and local friends. None of which is true. The fact is most people are 2 paychecks from bankruptcy. Have no savings and more stuff then they really need or can use. That’s not normal or responsible.

Second. The fear factor that you can’t control what’s going to happen next. Where am I going to live. What am I’m going to eat. Where can I earn an income. My suggestion is don’t panic. Don’t worry about what might happen till it happens, focus on the now which is food, shelter and clothing. If you don’t the fear will wear you down and cause physical problems which compounds the problem. Small simple steps get you somewhere.

Third. Learn a skill like electrical repair, engine repair and maintance, how to use tools. You will need those skills if you stay in vehicle or RV. It also gives you something to do, learn and focus on. When you learn these skills, each time you use them, you become more self reliant and less stressed out because you know you can fix it.

I hope these help. It doesn’t happen over night either. Just remember if you learn one new skill or thing everyday, in a year you have learned 365 new ones. You have the tools if you own a smart phone to get started so use it.

I might add, half the people in the US are already stressed out just trying to keep what they got now. They are in hock to their heads to the Leander because they thought stuff would make them happy and give them purpose. What they are is slaves to Leander’s whom all they want is your money. They don’t spend $$$billions telling you that if they don’t get their investment back either. The investment is you sending every dollar you earn to them.


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