Challenged by a Theist…I respond with my own challenge!


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For my BOI Shelton Henderson


Shelton Henderson I didn’t see this until today but my response is that I don’t use the “wait for the theist to provide evidence” strategy. When I debate a believer I provide the evidence that the god they are worshiping(if it is the ‘god’ of the bible) is actually the Canaanite God EL/ EL Elyon later known as Yahweh/Yahweh-Elohim. This is a mish-mash of Mesopotamian/Babylonian mythology cobbled together by unknown authors and editors from the 6 or 7th century BCE.

I have no problem with having the burden of proof and I provide scholarly evidence to back my claims not anecdotal belief statements.

The foundation for the various Abrahamic religious dogmas/doctrines rest on a myth and there’s textual,archaeological and linguistic proof to verify the veracity of my arguments.

The theist on the other hand blindly quotes from a book that they have not carefully researched. The take the words for truth on blind faith. Most if not have no clue to who wrote it when and why they wrote it.

My challenge to you is if all atheist use the same arguments then you should be able to easily defend the bible. 

I challenge you to debate any part or topic in the bible and I will prove that I have no misconceptions about it.

What say you good Brother? 


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