God of the Week: Taranis

Universal Heretic

God of the Week 03/15/2010: Taranis

Taranis was the Celtic god of the sky and thunder, similar in nature to Zeus, Thor, or the bronze age depiction of Yahweh (El).

… such were what we may call the ” meteorological” deities the regulators of weather and seasons. Prominent among these was the thunder god, who brings thunder and rain ; in the Vedic hymns his place is filled by the chief god Indra ; in Latin he is the Jupiter Tonans ; in the Norse Mythology, he appears as Thor who is next in importance to Odin himself; and in the Celtic Mythology, he is known as Taranis. The storm god was worshipped under the title of Maruts, the Latin Mars, and Greek Ares.
-Alexander MacBain, Celtic Mythology And Religion

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