Pre-10 Commandments Law Codes

Universal Heretic

The 10 Commandments, of C.B. DeMille fame, are often given credit by Christians as the only possible way to know what’s right and wrong (that’s why you always see then counting before they make any decisions).

Even though Biblical literalists attempt to place the Exodus at the middle of the 14th century BCE, there is a large discrepancy in proposed dates. And, with the absence of any corroborating archeological or historical data from Egypt, Canaan, or anywhere in between, as well as all the logical difficulties with any sort of a literal reading of the Biblical narrative, the chances of the Exodus being an historical event are pretty much nonexistent. The Torah is theoretically dated to the 6th century BCE, probably based on 8th or 9th century BCE sources. And it is difficult to imagine the text being any older at all since a recent discovery of 10th century BCE…

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