Presuppositional Apologetics: Christianity in full retreat

Published on Dec 9, 2012
Presentation to the Freethinkers of Upstate New York (FUNY) by FUNY president Dan Courtney, Nov 17, 2012.

Presuppositionalism is a branch of Christian apologetics that has gained some popularity recently. This argument claims that without the God of the Bible knowledge of any kind would not be possible. This presentation shows that while this argument may be superficially appealing to many Christians, it is in fact based on wordplay and deception.


3 thoughts on “Presuppositional Apologetics: Christianity in full retreat

    • Agreed…The point of it is to avoid presenting evidence. Please check out my debate on Blogtalkradio 6/8/14 @ 8pm Blogtalkradio debatetalk4u. My opponent will be using this argument.

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