Straight Talk’s Unlimited Data: Actually Sort Of Limited


A Straight Talk mobile plan with unlimited everything for $45 per month sounded pretty great to Thom, and he bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy to use with the carrier. All has been well since September, when he subscribed to the plan, but now something terrible has come up. Limits. TracFone (Straight Talk is a joint venture between TracFone and Walmart) tells him that he’s running up against the plan’s unspoken 2 GB limit, and they reserve the right to cut him off.

Update: We’ve received some reports that this call may actually have been a phishing scam and didn’t originate with Straight Talk, and we’re checking it out with TracFone right now. Stay tuned.

He writes:

Back in September, I purchased an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly from Google to replace my aging HTC Desire. Instead of staying with AT&T, I bought a Straight Talk SIM Card and signed…

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