Why the Movie, “The Butler,” Will Not Get One Dime From Me

Racism Is White Supremacy

“Movies are not about Blacks but what Whites think about Blacks.” — Ralph Ellison, author of the novel,  Invisible Man.

I will admit that my negative “review” of the movie, “The Butler,” is a bit premature.  I will even admit that I will probably never pay to see it because I refuse to financially support most movies produced by (white) Hollywood (although I will rent one FOR FREE from the public library whenever the mood hits me).


Nearly every movie I have seen, including the “black” movies produced by (white) Hollywood, PROMOTE white supremacy/Black inferiority EVEN when it appears that this is NOT happening.


Is it my imagination or does the ‘butler’ in this movie poster resemble President Obama?


In my experience  the majority of Hollywood-Produced “Black” Films Usually Fall Into One of Five Categories:


1.the  “good black”  female triumphing over the “evil” black male: (The…

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3 thoughts on “Why the Movie, “The Butler,” Will Not Get One Dime From Me

  1. Hi,

    I meant to post something earlier but I’m here now. Thanks for reblogging this and sharing some food for thought.

    We should be suspicious of ANY and EVERY thing Hollywood produces with a black face in it OR on it.

    Especially when it attempts to tell our ‘his-story.’

    • True!! I’m disappointed that Oprah couldn’t back a more relevant and forward leaning project. I’m tired of ‘The Help’ and ‘The Butler’ types. There are many stories of courage , history, etc that do not involve subservient themes.

      • It is my belief (and I could be wrong) that people like Oprah are CONTROLLED by the same entities that made her. She would not be rich if she had not been CHOSEN and INDOCRINATED and shown herself to be the “right:” type of black person AKA one who would allow themselves to be used to promote white supremacy

        IF you look at nearly all the black people in entertainment who are household names you’ll see a pattern of either anti-blackness and an avoidance of any issue that has to do with racism. You’ll see most surround themselves with white people or have non-black spouses and lovers. They will promote ONLY white people (like Oprah did) and now Queen Latifah has a daytime show that airs TWICE a day as she fawns over white guests to her nearly all-white audience

        They are programming black people watching this to think — wow, I must surround myself with white people to be successful

        The mistake black people CONTINUE to make is thinking our enemies are going to tell our real stories OR finance them

        White Hollywood is the LAND of white supremacy so anyone who works for or with them can be expected to promote the overriding theme: white is superior, black is inferior BUT the best blacks live their lives IN SERVICE to white people.


        EIther dying (like “The Green Mile”) or SERVING (like :”The Butler” and “The Help”)

        Until we stop trusting our enemies and get OUT of that slave mindset nothing will change for us

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