Response to the response…Don Lemon and his ilk!

Michele Taylor – Henderson (from facebook-responding to a friend)

” y the sole focus on black men. Black people without that focus also being on the crib to prison pipeline. The apparatus in place solely to criminalize black behaviors. While we’re being told to.focus on whether these young boys (and not so young) are showing their ass in public we conveniently lv out the stop n frisk laws that blatantly target and focus on men of color. We conveniently and conspicuously gloss over crack/powder sentencing disparity.

White men leave their children too and a lot of those children are w black and other minority women but the focus is solely on black men. The constant focus and attention on the deviate black man is nothing more than propaganda foe the furtherance of the oppressive systematic racism that is experienced every day in this country. We’re not really surviving if we r looking at each other thru the lens of the oppressor and believing the most debase thoughts about ourselves. I ask everyone to review history. Which is never really history bc it keeps playing over and over again. We, in each generation, have a Mamie Till. Y do u think.that is? Bc WE r the deviate and evil ones?”


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