Post from Progressive Black Thinkers…Black Shaming

Roger Williams I have observed that Black-shamers typically have two types of motivations for their behavior: 

The first is derived from self-hatred. Naturally, most self-hating people won’t look in the mirror and admit to hating the image being reflected back at them, so they dress up that hatred in the form of psycho-social-symptom-naming notions, such as, “Black folk need to get their act together because they are ________________(insert some negative stereotype here). This way they set themselves a part to feel better about themselves or to feel superior to the very people whom they hate, which really, is themselves. 

Next, you have the kind of Black shamers who have gained some level of social or economic mobility or acceptance within the circles of white friends and colleagues and so feel a sense of allegiance to their sensibilities, etc, and now that they are nicely perched on the peak of such economic or social “success”, they feel the need to look down on others who have failed to arrive at their level. They, then, feel the ‘need’ preach to the lower rungs of Black society on how to be respectable ‘like me’. Don Lemon is a great example of this. 

Then, there is the hybrid of both those mentalities, a sort of fusion. 

These mentalities are not healthy. The need to be condescending and to continually denigrate your own is a psychosis, and I encourage those who suffer from this ailment to seek mental counseling. It is not normal.


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