The Aftermath

We have to remember that RACE is a manmade, it is a system invented and set up by people who classify themselves a WHITE to categorize and abuse and mistreat people whom they categorize as non white with the darkest skinned people being abused the MOST. Before RACE was invented people identified themselves with the land . Here are four very constructive suggestions suggestions for black people to cope with the trayvon Martin Martin; 1. AVOID reacting with excessive emotion and use that ENERGY to EDUCATE OURSELVES about the system of white supremacy. I don’t believe ANY black person on the planet should be surprised if Zimmerman walks OR is convicted of manslaughter and receives a light sentence. IN FACT, we should expect it. Black people should NEVER riot to oppose injustice. We must learn to STRATEGIZE so we can UNIFY for OUR MUTUAL PROTECTION and SURVIVAL. Rioting serves NO purpose. We have to start being ANALYTICAL and STRATEGIC– just like our ENEMIES are towards us.

2. WORK on reducing our OWN anti-blackness — which means (in my opinion) AVOIDING people, places, things, and activities that DEGRADE and/or MINIMIZE and MARGINALIZE other black people. That includes movies, comedy, entertainment, TV shows, and music that portray blacks as LUSTING after whites, being buffoons, sexual deviates, morons, criminals, whores, monsters, and freaks. We must also wean ourselves away from excessive materialism, and name-calling (bitches and rachet hos and niggas and dawgs). We must NEVER, EVER UPLIFT non-black people above black people — neither IN or OUT of the bedroom.

3. REDIRECT our energies into CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIES that will help dismantle the system of white supremacy/anti-blackness by helping others, teaching, training, sharing knowledge, encouraging, supporting, respecting, caring, and spending INSTRUCTIVE time with our children teaching them about the system of white supremacy. That includes buying from and supporting GOOD black businesses whenever possible, and starting our own black businesses.

4. PROGRAM ourselves to respect AND understand the IMPORTANCE of BLACK UNITY. There is a REASON the white supremacist media is promoting the separation of BLACK MALE from BLACK FEMALE in TV commercials, TV shows, and films.


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