Faith by definition is the suspension of critical thinking.

CHRISTIAN: “I have a right to be willing to die for my beliefs whether they are evidence or faith based. My faith tells me that there is a Supreme Power and yours tells you that there is not- but neither of us can prove it.”

ME: “I have FAITH in nothing. I do have TRUST in lots of things. Faith by definition is the suspension of critical thinking. It’s gullibility dressed up like a virtue. It’s what you use when you know that what you believe isn’t true. We want people to believe things based on verifiable evidence, not blind faith.

Name one other thing that you would die for based on faith alone. For that matter, name one other thing in life (other than your religion) that you have only faith in to make you believe. I bet you can’t think of one. Don’t you find that sad. I can easily prove to you that the computer you are using is real. There is LOTS of evidence for that, although it’s relatively unimportant. Yet, the most important thing in the universe (is there a god or not) has no evidence for it!! None. 

In this case, I say absence of evidence IS evidence of absence. You make the assertion that there is indeed a god and that you have somehow magically chosen the right one. You are an atheist when it comes to every other god… we just go one god further. The burden of proof is on you and your god. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Any proposition made without proof can be dismissed without proof. That’s why 18% of the world’s population has dismissed your proposition. We are good without god.”



One thought on “Faith by definition is the suspension of critical thinking.

  1. Hi, Adam:

    God reveals himself to those he has chosen for his Kingdom. He hides himself to those he has rejected. In order to be atheist you must have rejected the Living God. There are many objects designated as gods, but they see not, hear not, smell not. The non belief in these objects is not atheism. If a thing is an image, it is not God because, God said “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image….” The image is the difference between profane and Holy.

    Liz Cherry

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