The Bible can serve as a guide for moral living…Not!

The Bible can serve as a guide for moral living. You are not opposed to living morally? Are you?
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Shelton Henderson Yes you are but the bible is a poor better yet, atrocious guide for moral instruction. For example the bible gives instructions on slavery, kidnap and rape of women, genocide, infanticide just to name a few. In addition it teaches passivity and negative self worth, promoting the contention that people are created in a sick form, not worthy of life except for the grace of god. It teaches to believe without evidence which is antithetic to basic commonsense.

No one truly knows who wrote the original manuscripts when or how many times they have been edited or translated. What I know is that men who claim that other men were inspired by a god they created instructed them write down Bronze Age primitive “laws” about things that are totally irrelevant in 2013. The kicker is in 2003 the people with the most to lose (the Israelis) had to admit their whole purpose of being in Israel and the faux “chosen people” status is built on fiction.

Any book that advocates killing,raping and enslaving other humans should be exposed and condemned as atrocious! The bible is morally bankrupt.


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