You mock. Why?

  • Shelton  why do you refer to other religions and their/our God/gods as foolish.You mock. Why? Just because you don’t like,believe,care for or could give less than a…/ about anything is no reason for a person to demean and basically put down ones beliefs or disbelief.
  • Shelton  responds to JoeTheist: When your beliefs are forced on non-believers ex. teaching creationism in schools, religious bigotry, bible-based anti-equality, brainwashing innocent children, molestation of children, pulpit pimping, against stem cell research, anti climate change,repression of women…the list goes on and on, it’s misdeeds should brought to light and attacked.

    I respect a person’s right to believe whatever they choose as long as it does not infringe on others. We have a perfect example of peaceful coexistence of believers and non-believers here in PA. The Amish are an extremely religious community who practice their religion, interact with the public and never ever try to convince anyone to convert to their religion or push their religious views on anyone around them.

    I don’t know if you have been following the discussions here but mockery of disbelief is not one sided here. The people here threatened to send heavenly angels to “deal with me” and I was a “demon-yoked person” among other things which are laughable but offensive. People here have also discounted the accuracy of the Quran and the Book of Mormon…I’m sure Muslims and Mormons would be offended when their holy books and tenets are attacked.

    Lastly if someone wants to engage in a rational conversation with me we have to agree to meet in same space/time continuum. If a person tells me they believe a donkey can engage in a conversation extended or otherwise with a human being, we are operating in different realities I don’t view that person as rational.

    Let me give you an example and ask you a question and I’m assuming that you are a Christian. I say to the Black mad scientist Yacov created the white man in a laboratory and somehow he tricked Yacov now the white man is on top…to get back to his rightful place we must read and believe the Quran…now this is true and if you don’t believe it you will burn for all eternity. This is true also because it says so in the Quran. How do I know it’s true? I know it’s true because in the back of the Quran it says the front part is true. It also says in the Quran that you must pray five times a day andthe government should be Quran-based. You don’t believe that then according to the Quran you should be put to death. 

    Two Questions
    1. My question for you is can you have a conversation with this individual under the guidelines he has set? 

    2. Would you stand by and let him or her push his religious views, change laws, repress women, stop medical research,brainwash children, molest children etc. All in the name of his religious belief?

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