Prophet Cherry vs Bishop S. C. Johnson Debate

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9 thoughts on “Prophet Cherry vs Bishop S. C. Johnson Debate

    • I don’t have an audio tape of the debate…from my understanding after talking to my aunt who was a (bible)reader for the debate. The debate actually never took place after the opening statements by Bishop Johnson…It was a very long time ago I’m not sure of all of the specifics but I was told that this debate came about because of a radio rivalry of the two ministers.

    • Greetings: From my research the debate never took place. I spoke with my aunt who was a reader for F.S. Cherry. According to her the people from Bishop Johnson’s Church basically shouted down Cherry and they never got to actually debate…the same thing was reported in the news article I posted.

  1. Hello Sir! Thanks for posting this information concerning the debate. Do you have any information concerning the debate Between Bishop S.C. Johnson and Don Rudd of Old Hickory TN? They debated twice. I am especially interested in their debate in Houston, TX May 1960

  2. Bishop Johnson’s church was known for that in my research. Whether you agree or disagree with a person, if you allowed them to debate you have to hear them out.

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