Customized Christianity…throwing out the Old, keeping the New.


Just finished a long winded back and forth discussion with a Christian that thinks the OT does not apply to Christianity …My last response..

I’ve been thinking about this discussion since the last exchange. It reminds me so much of what I experienced growing up in a Christian home and attending church. The main thing that turned me off was the games that the ‘leaders’ played when you asked straight forward questions. Most times they feigned higher knowledge, posturing that they had access to higher levels of understanding than the rest, at other times they shifted the ground or would not answer because it wasn’t the ‘right’ question, they would bombard you with questions or just outright ignore your questions. I came to the conclusion as a younger man that they just didn’t know what they were talking about. What these men believed was not on sound and rational footing so they bluffed. When confronted with facts and logical lines of thinking they would fold. I notice the similar elements in my conversation with you.

“Here is the problem. I am not avoiding your question. I am saying you are asking the wrong question.”

??? How is this an honest discussion when you use a phrase like this?

“The old testament is history‚Ķperiod”

This shows complete ignorance of the foundation of Christianity and it’s origins. In the book of Matthew alone there are 102 direct quotes and references to the Old Testament. When the New Testament writers quoted scripture they were not quoting the New Testament, they were quoting from the writings already in circulation…The Old Testament! The very acceptance of Jesus as a savior is that he is from the house of David. At the beginning of the gospels there is a lineage leading back to the house of David, there is a reason for that.

“Not many people realize this, including Christians, that everything in the Bible is not for everyone, neither everything is good and also that not everything is condoned or that it is a command to follow.”

Under what authority do you have to make this statement? What special knowledge do you have that not only Atheists but other Christians don’t possess? Where and when was this revealed to you?

I answered every one of your questions yet you ducked,dodged and avoided mine, because they weren’t the ‘right’ questions, they were ‘loaded’ or it’s a link posted from another site, etc.

If you are going to invite discussion, open and honest debate please do so because my impression is that you are not doing that, at least not in this discussion.

I submit this comment respectfully and I appreciate the time and thought you put into responding to me.

Thank you


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Discussion here:


2 thoughts on “Customized Christianity…throwing out the Old, keeping the New.

  1. Throwing out the OT is nothing new. Marcion, one of the first Christian heretics did it.

    On the other side, no faithful Christian leader has ever done such a thing. Here are three representatives [speaking on the subject of the Ten Commandments].
    John Calvin: . “Some unskilful persons, from not attending to this, boldly discard the whole law of Moses, and do away with both its Tables, imagining it unchristian to adhere to a doctrine which contains the ministration of death. Far from our thoughts be this profane notion.”

    John Wesley: “In the highest rank of the enemies of the gospel of Christ, are they who openly and explicitly ‘judge the law’ itself, and ‘speak evil of the law;’ who teach men to break (to dissolve, to loose, to untie the obligation of) not one only, whether of the least or of the greatest, but all the commandments at a stroke. . . . The most surprising of all the circumstances that attend this strong delusion, is that they who are given up to it, really believe that they honor Christ by overthrowing His law, and that they are magnifying His office while they are destroying His doctrine! Yea, they honor Him just as Judas did when he said, ‘Hail, Master, and kissed Him.’ And He may as justly say to every one of them, ‘Betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss? It is no other than betraying Him with a kiss, to talk of His blood, and take away His crown; to set light by any part of His law, under pretense of advancing His gospel. Nor indeed can anyone escape this charge, who preaches faith in any such a manner as either directly or indirectly tends to set aside any branch of obedience: who preaches Christ so as to disannul, or weaken in any wise, the least of the commandments of God.”

    Martin Luther: “Nowadays there is a novel idea afoot! According to the promoters of this idea, the Law (that is, the 10 Commandments) should be completely removed from the Church. This is nothing else but deplorable and irreverent.
    The entire Bible teaches that it is the Law which must initiate repentance…..Sin and death are not exposed by a Word of grace and comfort, but only by the Law.”

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