hitchens67 Atheism WOW!! Logic and reason campaign

I was reading a comment on my Hitchens67 Youtube channel from a christian who asked incredulously if I really believed in that science crap explanation of the universe. I just sat their with my mouth hanging open for flies to buzz in and out of marveling at the absolute stupidity of some people in this the 21st Century! Really?! A person that is using a complex instrument CREATED by that crap science is asking me how I can fathom the scientific explanation of the universe! The very computer chair, desk, computer etc. that this person is using was invented by the very same minds that brought us evolution and all of the other info that rationally explains our existence! Hey buddy! How in the world can you not believe in my god that has no root in evidence and reason? How can you POSSIBLY refute the mountains of complete myth and hearsay…

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