Question With Boldness

Well here it is “Good Friday”, the day that xians are supposed to spend moping around all day being so very very sad that Jesus had been killed.  As a churchgoing kid, I never understood this idea or the name.  If this sacrifice was supposed to be god’s plan for saving everybody, why were people acting so sad about it?  And if everybody is so miserable, why is the name “Good Friday”?  What’s so “good” about it?

Well I’d just like to remind all you christians out there that for us Pastafarians, today is also our High Holiday.  Yes, more important than Ramendan, a bigger deal than Pastover, more significant even than Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Today is the highest of all Holidays, FRIDAY!

Yes, Friday.  Every single Friday.  And you should celebrate it by goofing off, eating pasta, not giving up anything, and doing things you enjoy with…

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