Why more people are moving towards non-belief in god and religion

Because we are learning more and more about our world “God” and the bible as an explanation is becoming less and less of an answer. For example, the bible says that the earth is flat…the technology to verify this didn’t exist at the time of the biblical writers, now we can look at pictures of the universe on our cellphones and we know the universe is unlimited and not centered around human beings on a dust speck planet in the vast galaxies.

Secondly, many people I know reject the guilt/fear aspect of Judeo Christianity. For me it’s negative and counter productive to look at myself as born sinful or flawed. I reject this as “stinkin thinkin” or promotion of negative self imagery.

Thirdly, because we are in the information age and utilize social media we are able to find others who share doubts, concerns, philosophy and expand our minds and explore other possible explanations.


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