Examining the claims and character of Prophet F. S. Cherry

Cherry Card

An objective look at the claims of Frank Sandy Cherry also known as Prophet F. S. Cherry founder of the Church of the Living God Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Philadelphia, Pa




PROPHET F.S. CHERRY has declared that the Black People in America that are called “Negroes”–Colored People or Shines are not any of these names.  These people are the original Ethiopian Hebrews.  PROPHET Cherry stated that he is ready to go before Kings, Presidents, Judges, State Attorneys, Supreme Court or anywhere in the world to prove that the Black People are NOT Negroes and this name must be abolished.

PROPHET CHERRY  is giving $1000.00 to anyone whether Lawyer, Doctor, Preacher, Teacher, Judge or anyone White or Black that can prove his statement wrong.  This $1000.00 and carfare will be a gift and will be paid in any court before an Judge, High Court or Supreme Court within 24 hours by proving that we are not the original Jews by the “Holy Bible”, which has the beginning of all things.  We are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the first Jew.  We the sons and daughters of Jacob do not have our pictures taken. Neither do we swear.

PROPHET CHERRY is paying $10,000 for the picture of Jesus Christ or any other Prophet. $1000.00 will be paid to anyone to prove that anyone can go to the 2nd or 3rd Heaven where Jesus Christ went after death or any other time.  The Land of Canaan is our Home.

MEETINGS every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday Night at 8 o’clock, all day Saturday until Sundown.  DON’T MISS these great messages,  You are at liberty to ask any questions during the lessons.  Here you will learn yourself and who you are and where you are from and many things about our forefathers and our history.


20 thoughts on “Examining the claims and character of Prophet F. S. Cherry

  1. Dear Brother Shelton Henderson;

    My name is Elizabeth L Cherry. I am Matthew Cherry’s sister. I think it is wonderful that you have posted this valuable information about Prophet F.S Cherry. A lot of people are angry with you but, as is written, “you meant it for bad, but God meant it for good…” This was said by Joseph concerning the intention of his brothers to sell him to the Midianites into Egypt. Joseph was a deliverer in the famine that plagued Egypt. Now, via Google, the whole world will know that “In Mount Zion, shall be deliverance.” Thank you very much. Whether you believe in a deity or not, humanity mandates that we treat everybody with dignity and respect. Therefore, there should be no argument. For, belief or non belief can not be verified by any facts that are evident. If a man say there is no god, how can he prove it? If a man say Jehovah is God, how shall he prove it? In the time of Elijah, they called on Baal and received no answer. Elijah called on the Living God and, fire came down and devoured the sacrifice. Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen. Therefore, you can not condemn me for belief neither can I condemn you for non belief.

    Peace be unto you, may My God bless you. ELC

    • Hi Elizabeth! Yes I remember you! Matt and I grew up together and had a lot of laughs. It’s very nice to hear from you. I started this blog to answer questions and get information on things that I feel were hidden from our generation. In this information age I was able to find a treasure trove of details about F. S. Cherry. If you have info please feel free to let me know. I have received a surprising amount of interest in this subject and will be posting more as times goes on so please follow me or check back often. Thank you again for looking and commenting and please stay tuned!! -shelton

    • Sister Cherry,

      I am seeking more information on the Prophet. I take it that you are a family member. Please give me the way to contact. I grew up with a young brother from the Church and have visited. Please inform me of how to get more information from you.

      Mem Yod

      • Mem Yod: Thank you for commenting and reading the blog. I grew up attending this church as well. Who did you grow up with from the church? What additional information are you seeking… perhaps I can help…You can inbox me at thematrixq@yahoo.com or just respond here…thanks again!

  2. Thank Both of You! You are are Elders of Yisrael.
    There is a great re awakening of who We are and
    It is because of obedient elders like you all that
    paved the way for us younger generation!
    We Love you all!
    Makk Moshe

    • Thanks Bro it’s still a great link! I’ve added a treasure trove of info to the blog and will be adding more. Reading your story as inspired me to write on this and many other topics! Thanks for the Link!!

    • What attracted you to this religion?…I was raised from childhood in the religion and this church. I begin to have doubts in my teens and eventually left.

      • Hi Matrix,

        Ive attended 12 or 13 years ago. I haven’t been in a while but i still stay in touch with a few members, what are your doubts? If you still have any. I would like to hear from you

  3. Peace Craig: Thanks for responding. I began to research the church and religion during my college years and recognized the similarities of religious structures and movements. In my late twenties I visited other Hebrew congregations and discovered the Frank Cherry was not preaching anything uniquely different than any other group it was just his spin on it. Many years of study and research has revealed him to be a minor figure that was able to convince a small group of people and their subsequent families who indoctrinated their children in his doctrine. According to the bible(which in my opinion is not a sacred or divinely inspired book)he was a false prophet….none of his predictions/slash prophecies came true. Please feel free to examine the information I uncovered he was a liar(claimed to be older than he was),bigamist,adulterer, fathered children with many women outside of his marriage and made ridiculous claims of divinity.

  4. Shelton, I’m interested in examining the information you uncovered. I think that many people including myself that search for their nationality often come across Prophet Cherry and want to know more. This is how I found your blog. I’d be open to your insight to form a better opinion of him for myself. Thank You

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